Let’s create something special using a technique that can be traced to early civilisation.

The taking of wool fibres and blending them together into a single piece of fabric is quiet and relaxing.

In this introductory workshop, we will have a wonderful day exploring many different felting techniques which can then be incorporated into larger pieces.

We will actually create a series of samples which will include frills, fabric insets and surprises, 3D dreadlocks and ball work, plaids, weaving, flowers, yarn design and shadow work.

Loads of messy but good clean fun!

  • Workshop length: 6hrs 10am-4pm
  • The workshop will run on demand.  If you are interested we invite you to book the complete workshop time slot. You can then participate individually, or invite friends and family.  You may choose to organise the workshop as a gift or share the cost amongst those attending.  
  • Full payment for the workshop will be required before we can confirm the booking.
  • The workshop will usually cost at least $800 for up to four participants, however, for larger groups, there will an additional participant fee to reflect the additional materials required.   
  • A catered lunch will not be included in the workshop cost.  If you would like a catered lunch we can arrange this at approximately $50 per participant.  Alternatively, you can bring your own meal or take the short drive to Clevedon and enjoy the options at the local food outlets. 
  • A lovely quality morning and afternoon tea will be included in the workshop cost.
  • Bookings can be made by contacting Maureen directly Contact Office
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