There is nothing quite like taking a piece of glowing red hot steel and creating your very own ‘made it myself’ knife.

Let us introduce you to the exciting craft of knife making where in one day you can create a simple general purpose, full tang, wooden handled knife.

A fully set up workshop is ready for you. Furnaces, anvils, grinders, polishers all in a well lit safe environment.

We will guide you on all aspects of knife making.

  • Selecting a design
  • Working the steel
  • Quenching and dipping the steel
  • Honing, grinding, polishing
  • Creating a handle out of either native or exotic timbers
  • Creating a brass tang
  • Rivetting handle and blade
 Your safety is paramount. We provide all safety equipment including a leather apron.

Want something a little more advanced? Contact us if you have a specific custom knife that you would like to create.

Private days can be arranged.

The standard workshop offered is of one-day duration.
This means, given the time we can make a standard knife using a straightforward design. 
A design making a large chef knife, or a knife including a pommel and designs on the blade, or using Damascus steel is possible but not in eight hours.
If you are keen to make something a bit more specialised, please get in touch and we will organise a schedule.

Would you like to make a sheath for your knife? We can book you with our leather artisan, Dave Mangino, in our leatherwork workshop.

Here are some comments from some of our knifemakers


Thanks again for yesterday – we’re both chuffed with our knives. The kids were mighty impressed! Lynda Hallinan (writer)

Knife making Forgotten Arts Lynda Hallinan

Workshop Details

  • Tutor:
  • Workshop length: 7 hrs 8.30am – 4pm
  • Refreshments: Scrumptious country-style morning and afternoon tea
  • Catering will not be included in the workshop cost but can be arranged if desired.  Our catered lunches are approximately $50 per participant. Alternatively, you can bring your own meal or take the short drive to Clevedon and enjoy the options at the local food outlets. 
  • Cost: $345
  • Other times and dates can be arranged for your convenience. Contact Office


 I had such a great time I’m going
to bring my whole family.
Damien Stanfield

knife making workshop forgotten arts clevedon auckland

Workshop Dates

Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, we can no longer take knife making workshops.

Please sign up to our online mail list and should the situation change we will notify you.


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