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From out of the hedge comes the raw materials to create a basket, wreath or tray. Maureen Conquer will teach you how to identify suitable materials from your garden for weaving.

Maureen will then demonstrate how to weave vines and branches from the garden into a centrepiece or decoration. Using hands-on techniques, you’ll weave your own lovely basket or tray, which you can take home with you.

Learn the basics of basket weaving using materials foraged from your garden or local hedgerows. Grapevines, Banksia Rose tendrils, Wisteria, Ivy, lavender sprays, birch twigs, moss and lichen.

This is Baskets and beyond…think French style garden edging, climbing bean supports, platters, rustic balls and wreaths.

This is an inspirational daylong workshop. Sit around the fire with lots of hearty farmhouse fare to fuel your creativity.

Workshop Details

  • Tutor: Maureen Conquer
  • Bring your favourite SHARP secateurs, fitting garden gloves and wet weather boots just in case you want to go hunting for that favourite garden treasure
  • Workshop length: 6hrs 10- approx 4pm
  • Refreshments: Hearty morning and afternoon tea provided.
  • Cost: $220
  • Other times and dates can be arranged for your convenience. Contact Office

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Workshop Dates


  • Saturday 12th June
  • Sunday 13th June

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