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Here is the opportunity that you have all been waiting for!

Ever wanted to know how to make your own halloumi? Well here is your chance! Katherine will be demonstrating how to make your own halloumi, mozzarella and ricotta.

I have decided to do this as a special so that you can bring your friends and learn the skills together. It is a fun-packed session with lots of information. I know you will enjoy it as it also includes a cheese tasting.

Mozzarella is a wonderful little fresh hand-stretched cheese that follows many of the important steps of the cheese-making process. And it only requires 2 litres of milk so that within an hour and a half one is able to eat the cheese, which is very exciting.

The session also includes:

  • Discussions about the different types of milk available for cheese-making.
  • Comparison between cow, goat and sheep milk and the types of cheeses made.
  • The economics of home cheese-making.
  • An introduction to cheese-making principles, cheese-making bacterial cultures and dairy hygiene.
  • Followed by a demonstration of the fresh, hand-stretched mozzarella and within an hour and a half….. produce delicious fresh cheese.
  • Sample the freshly made cheese.

Katherine’s home cheese-making book Cutting the Curd (Bateson Publishing, Wellington) will be included in the course material for you to take home with your own handmade cheese.

“I feel it is important to educate people about the cheese making process so that they have the confidence and skills to make their own, and can appreciate the difference between a factory made product and an individual artisan cheese made by a craftsperson. It is surprisingly simple to make cheese in your own home with just a small amount of equipment – most of which can be found in the average kitchen,” said Katherine.

  • Workshop length: 6hrs 10-4pm
  • The workshop will run on demand.  If you are interested we invite you to book the complete workshop time slot. You can then participate individually, or invite friends and family.  You may choose to organise the workshop as a gift or share the cost amongst those attending.  
  • Full payment for the workshop will be required before we can confirm the booking.
  • The workshop will usually cost at least $800 for up to four participants, however, for larger groups, there will an additional participant fee to reflect the additional materials required.   
  • A catered lunch will not be included in the workshop cost.  If you would like a catered lunch we can arrange this at approximately $50 per participant.  Alternatively, you can bring your own meal or take the short drive to Clevedon and enjoy the options at the local food outlets. 
  • A lovely quality morning and afternoon tea will be included in the workshop cost.
  • Bookings can be made by contacting Maureen directly Contact Office


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