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Candles have many wonderful delights. Along with providing light, they can be objects of beauty and art.

Filling the room with fragrance, candles say something about the creative artist.

In this Half Day workshop, traditional methods will be used.

Pure beeswax will be used along with soy wax. No paraffin or petrochemicals in this class. We will the discuss the difference between fibre and wooden wicks.


Half Day course

  • Basic Candle making
  • Container, hand dipped and hand rolled
  • Workshop length: 3hrs 1-4pm
  • The workshop will run on demand.  If you are interested we invite you to book the complete workshop time slot. You can then participate individually, or invite friends and family.  You may choose to organise the workshop as a gift or share the cost amongst those attending.  
  • Full payment for the workshop will be required before we can confirm the booking.
  • A lovely quality morning and afternoon tea will be included in the workshop cost.
  • Bookings can be made by contacting James directly Contact Office


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