Generally, the only thing you need to bring is yourself. Forgotten Arts supplies all materials and tools needed for each workshop. Should extras be extra, you’ll be notified during booking.

All Forgotten Arts workshops are hands on. This means you’ll use tools and materials that might leave you a little untidy. Although we provide aprons as required, we do recommend you wear casual, comfortable clothing.

Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are a must for workshops involving tools, wood, fire, heavy items, etc., and for strolling our paths and the river.

Please refrain from wearing long, loose sleeves or fringe that can get caught in tools or snag on materials. We recommend removing jewelry or other personal items of value as well as tying back long hair.

As required per workshop, safety gloves, glasses, and ear protection are provided. You’re welcome to bring your own or purchase individual sets at our facility.

All workshops take place in our facility or in the adjacent garden. Our facility is heated in winter using firewood cut on site and is cooled during summer months with a natural river breeze.

For guests arriving from other countries, NZ can be quite warm in the late spring and summer months (November through March) and quite wet and cold in autumn (fall) and winter months (April through October).