Where Did You Get The Idea For ‘Forgotten Arts’?

Nov 5, 2016


When the forgotten art muse spoke, they listened.

It was on a twisty South Island West Coast road trip back to Queenstown that the spark of an idea caught alight.

You often wonder how people get creative ideas. What sparks the idea.

Necessity has been said to be the mother of invention.

You see a need, then create an invention, a solution, a craft. Certainly, many of the crafts of yesteryear were acquired out of everyday necessity.

Making a basket, spinning some wool and creating candles were essential skills passed on from generation to generation.

We long needed these crafts for the sake of necessity. Now they are optional. Or are they?

Perhaps there is a need in all of us to have a connection with the raw product. The smell of leather, feeling the oils of natural wool and the heat of a furnace on a piece of steel.

There is a joy to hold something and say ‘Made it Myself’.

The Gift.

Maureen had given James a birthday voucher to do a knife making course.

On the way back from the course James and Maureen talked about the experience of making the knives. Then it struck them.

Could they do this with others?

Upon showing the knives to friends and family, they were inspired to explore further.

The Past

Both Maureen and James have long been interested in art and craft.

While James lived in London in the 1980’s someone gave him a book called ‘The Forgotten Arts’.  The Forgotten Arts

Meanwhile, Maureen was making cheese, keeping bees, farming South Suffolk sheep and enjoying various crafts.

Her book collection is a vast amalgam of cooking and crafts.

The rivers of experience were joining.

The Present

Maureen and James had recently purchased the property at Clevedon and wondered for some time what could this property be used for. Making those knives led to a need for leather sheaths, and so off on another course.

Meeting all these skilled artisans continued to fuel the furnace of ideas.

So they decided to create a base where like-minded people could come to learn, create, and share.

James and Maureen have been captured by the creative muse.

The invitation is there for you to be part of something exciting and grand.


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About Forgotten Arts

Located on a lush 40-acre lifestyle property in Clevedon, a 40-minute drive southeast of Auckland’s CBD, Forgotten Arts is for individuals, adult couples, girls weekend out events, hobby clubs, or organisations seeking a unique learning and destination experience.

Our hands-on workshops, taught by New Zealand artisans known for the originality and beauty of their work, will transport you to another time and place . . . to a world where nature and work move at their own pace.

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