So what is a ‘Forgotten Art’?

Oct 28, 2016


Have you ever watched the TV program
‘Antiques Roadshow’?

Often the presenters bring onto to the show some strange looking object and ask the audience what it is and what it was used for.

Heads are scratched, discussion ensues around possible uses and then the presenter reveals the use of such a tool or object.

There are rural crafts that are being lost with the process of time.

Artisans who have been carrying the gift of their craft with them that need to pass it on. Techniques, skills, tools, and wisdom that if not taught will be gone forever. Gone to future generations who will wonder ‘How did that get made?’

We at Forgotten Arts want to keep these traditions alive and pass them on to you.

To see these art forms, that were once considered vital to everyday life, passed on to future generations.

What are some examples of ‘Forgotten Arts’?

  • candle making
  • basket weaving
  • soap making
  • leather work
  • book binding
  • making your own beef jerky
  • animal husbandry
  • blacksmithing
  • knife making
  • Felt making
  • Spinning
  • Needle Craft
  • Pyrography
  • And the list goes on!


We are and hope to connect you with Craft Artisans who enjoy art as much as you. These are skilled and gifted craft people who have honed their skills and knowledge with love attention to detail.

Take Dave Mangino for example. Dave has been involved with leathercraft for over 30 years. Developing his own techniques, he uses a unique combination of knotting and braiding where no metal fastenings are needed. No rivets!

We are privileged to have Dave run our very first ‘Forgotten Arts’ workshop.

We are always on the lookout for other artisans that can be involved in keeping their art traditions.

Do you know someone who might like to be involved?

Have them contact us.


About Forgotten Arts

Located on a lush 40-acre lifestyle property in Clevedon, a 40-minute drive southeast of Auckland’s CBD, Forgotten Arts is for individuals, adult couples, girls weekend out events, hobby clubs, or organisations seeking a unique learning and destination experience.

Our hands-on workshops, taught by New Zealand artisans known for the originality and beauty of their work, will transport you to another time and place . . . to a world where nature and work move at their own pace.

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