It’s OK to go Slow … Craft

Jun 23, 2017


So how fast are you running?

If you live in Auckland and know what the traffic is like, then you have three-time problems.

  1. Slow, unusable time. Stuck in the traffic, crawling, unable to get out, and the GPS says that this is the quickest route. All you can do is to sit and sit and sit.
  2. Exhausted time. You’ve got to your destination but because of the high concentration ‘slow, unusable time’ you are exhausted.
  3. Frantic time. You have limited time, so you have to get lots done because you will soon be in ‘slow, unusable time’ mode, again.

I don’t think Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber has ever experienced Auckland traffic, but I do believe he knew something about stress.

What I fear most about stress is not that it kills,
but that it prevents one from savoring life.
Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber

Are you savouring life?

Are you creating moments in your life where you can just relax, have some creative fun and restore?

There is a whole new movement happening in the world called Slow Craft.Knife making workshop

Slow Craft invites you to savour the pleasures of working slowly on projects from sewing to woodwork. It could be needlework, knitting, brewing your beer, shaping that clay pot, polishing that knife, taking some prunings and creating a basket, felting, candle making, leatherwork.


The microwave is out; the slow cooker is in.

James and Maureen Conquer know what the pressure cooker world can be like. Both have backgrounds in the corporate world where the pressure is on.

They now live in the beautiful and quiet rural location of Clevedon. Just 20 minutes from Manukau city on the route to the beautiful slow crafted beaches of Maraetai.

Forgotten Arts is a place where you can slow down. You may well lose track of time because you get so wrapped up in the slow craft you are creating.

Everything is catered for.

  • A wide range of workshops for you to enjoy
  • Scrumptious food
  • Delightful rural surroundings
  • Gifted Artisans

Oh yes, even the electricity is slow crafted. The power is generated via solar panels on the roof.

Who needs some time out?

It may well be you.

It could also be your spouse, parent, son, daughter or friend. Someone who would love to create a craft slowly.

The feedback has been coming in. 

  • Such a warm welcome and wonderful company while learning a new skill.
  • Surprisingly simple and I have always thought it would be very tricky. (Candlemaking)
  • Such an opportunity to visit your lovely property and be spoilt with the lovely catering.
  • This was so therapeutic
  • It was so nice to have a day just doing something completely different.

There is more to life than increasing its speed.
Mahatma Gandhi

Just for a day, decrease your speed, savour life and slow craft.

For a calendar of our upcoming workshops click here

Barry Pearman


About Forgotten Arts

Located on a lush 40-acre lifestyle property in Clevedon, a 40-minute drive southeast of Auckland’s CBD, Forgotten Arts is for individuals, adult couples, girls weekend out events, hobby clubs, or organisations seeking a unique learning and destination experience.

Our hands-on workshops, taught by New Zealand artisans known for the originality and beauty of their work, will transport you to another time and place . . . to a world where nature and work move at their own pace.

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