Lisa makes a Knife

Apr 5, 2017

‘I made my very own knife.’

Lisa Marquet didn’t quite know whatLisa makes a knife (2) to expect on a knife making workshop.

After a welcome by James and Maureen, she got down to designing her knife. With examples given to her to choose from, she found the perfect small beautifully balanced knife

Then she went to the machines. 

Grinders, sanders, drill press and a super hot forge were all new to her.

James was right alongside her making sure she didn’t hurt herself or anyone else. She did feel a little nervous as a high-speed grinding wheel spun close to her fingers, but as safety is a high priority at Forgotten Arts those digits were fine.

Sparks, flame and heat.

Lisa worked on her knife until at the end of the day this little beauty appeared. Lisa makes a knife

Perfect for cutting cheese, veggies and proudly showing off her knife making skills.

Lisa makes these comments.

  • I think in hindsight a straight handle, with a simple blade is the best option in terms of manufacture. I love my knife and happy I chose it. But when I saw one of the others making a straight knife it seemed a lot easier to make and particularly when it came to grinding the knife handle, etc.
  • I’m definitely going to recommend this workshop to others especially when I have friends around for dinner and I proudly show off my ‘made it myself’ knife.
  • I was fascinated that everything could be shaped into the final product on the sander. Amazing really.
  • I was glad I wore something non-flammable like jeans given the amount of time you spend producing sparks.
  • James was fabulous and did an excellent job. I can see that four people on the course are quite enough given the amount of attention he is required to give individuals.
  • A thoroughly enjoyable day for blokes and blokettes to build, create, get their hands dirty and use real tools to produce something to be proud of.
  • There’s a huge sense of achievement at every step.

Would you like to make a knife like Lisa did?

We have workshops running throughout the year.

Go to our Knifemaking page
and find out more.

Watch Lisa in the early stages of making her knife and when she quenches her knife.

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