Spring 2017 Newsletter

Sep 1, 2017

Lynda Hallinan and husband making knives

It’s the first day of spring and time for a newsletter with all the Forgotten Arts updates.

In this Spring edition, you will find discover

  • New Workshops
  • Workshop Calendar
  • Teams and Parties
  • Maureen is off to Turkey and … Marlborough
  • Christmas Voucher special
  • Clevedon Art Trail News
  • Lynda Hallinan Visit
  • Win a $200 voucher
  • Our Prize winner (It could be you)


Go into the draw to win a $200 voucher by sharing this page via email with three friends. make sure you ‘cc’ us in.

At the end of next week, Friday 8th September, we will make a draw and contact the lucky emailer.

What Sort of Steel Makes Great Knives?

Aug 9, 2017

Ever had a knife that doesn’t hold its edge?

You search high and low for that sharpening steel, and when you can’t find it, you just carry on and use it anyway.

Using a blunt knife can be hazardous to your health. Continue reading…

It’s OK to go Slow … Craft

Jun 23, 2017


So how fast are you running?

If you live in Auckland and know what the traffic is like, then you have three-time problems.

  1. Slow, unusable time. Stuck in the traffic, crawling, unable to get out, and the GPS says that this is the quickest route. All you can do is to sit and sit and sit.
  2. Exhausted time. You’ve got to your destination but because of the high concentration ‘slow, unusable time’ you are exhausted.
  3. Frantic time. You have limited time, so you have to get lots done because you will soon be in ‘slow, unusable time’ mode, again.

Continue reading…

Lisa makes a Knife

Apr 5, 2017

‘I made my very own knife.’

Lisa Marquet didn’t quite know whatLisa makes a knife (2) to expect on a knife making workshop.

After a welcome by James and Maureen, she got down to designing her knife. With examples given to her to choose from, she found the perfect small beautifully balanced knife

Then she went to the machines.  Continue reading…