Liz Brook has been a soap maker for sixteen years and first became interested in soap-making when she got her first beehive.

She was so excited about having her own bees – that she started a correspondence course to learn all about them. At the end of the course there was an assignment that required Liz to make a product using honey, beeswax or any other part of the bees produce.


At the time Liz was working in the magazine publishing industry and they had a magazine called Growing Today – in
the magazine, there was an article on making soap and a recipe for making soap.

So she contacted the soap maker and asked for some help to have the recipe include honey and beeswax – he very generously wrote back to her with advice and refined the recipe.

So this is what she used for her assignment.

The first lot of soap Liz made was not a success, but the process ignited something and created perhaps an obsession at first to get it right.

And so here she is todayliz-brook-soap-maker-new-zealand still making soap and loving the process, having made personally or helped others make tens of thousands of bars of soap.

All using techniques refined over the years resulting in now great results every time!