Even as a small child Katherine and her family had a Jersey house-cow that was hand milked and the cream churned into butter. Once she finished school she attended agricultural college in Devon to learn the skills of milking cows and the management of dairy farming. For many years she worked in different countries, milking cows and rearing calves. So it has been a natural progression into making cheese within the boutique cheese-making industry in England and in New Zealand. However, her first hands-on home cheese-making was as an 11 year old when a Greek Cypriot friend of her father demonstrated Halloumi and Ricotta cheeses in his kitchen, from a bucket full of fresh milk from the farm.

Then, in 1987, Katherine found herself working on a Milking-Sheep farm in Sussex. Since then she has developed many recipes using small amounts of milk – ie 2 – 10 litres – encouraging hundreds of people throughout New Zealand to take the opportunity to make their own cheesey delights and share with and impress their families and friends. Her greatest passion is promoting and educating people about cheese-making so they gain the confidence and the skill, in their own right to make cheese for themselves and friends and family in their very own kitchen.

She has been presenting home cheese-making courses for 22 years now; in vineyards, food festivals, on television, schools and community centres.

There are many cheese-making books available that are quite technical. She has produced ‘Cutting the Curd’ in cookbook style that makes it accessible to a wider range of readers and people interested in being more self-sufficient.

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