Dave Mangino has been working in the leather industry for over 30 years. Mainly self-taught, his designs are innovative and unique. He is well known amongst his fellow leather artisans and his distinctive quality means any other experienced artisan knows his work immediately.

Having spent his younger formative years on a cattle station, he was fascinated by the mystics of plaiting, braiding, stock whips, saddles, bridles etc. Getting much inspiration from Australian Ron Edwards books on craft, he combined Ron’s ideas (and others) with his own; he worked towards solving the challenge of eliminating all hardware. No rivets to be seen here!

Dave uses a unique combination of knotting and braiding techniques to create the fastenings for his products, which also create the products’ decorative effects. Although often customers prefer metal fastenings for collars, leads, etc., Dave is able to craft, with knotted fastenings, a product which lasts a lifetime for even the most “watery” of dogs. Being made entirely of leather, the product will also achieve a high degree of suppleness, in effect moulding itself to the dog (or cats) ensuring maximum comfort.

Dave has won many awards including Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Dame Mary Durack outback craft awards, Sydney Royal Easter Show, and various leather conferences, both national and abroad, including the Federation of Leather Guilds show in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.